Study Techniques

Hello readers,

Welcome to this site. This post is dedicated to show how you can study in a planned manner.Studying is never so easy, I know that, but following some basic strategy you can make it really comfortable in your mind. Ok, here we go now to the real basic......

Firstly, You have bring the concentration to your study, but how?

You always have to apply your mental strength to bring concentration to your study. It doesn't come spontaneously unless you're very much interested to your study area, and its not generally observed. So you have to bring concentration to your by your own will and effort, keeping an image of success in your eyes......

Secondly, How to keep the concentration after you have achieved it?

Ok. It is hard to continue to focus on your study matter for a long time. So how to prevent it from escaping?

Don't try sit for a long time in front of book. It may bring monotony. So take a small break of five minutes after if you feel stressed to study. Don't force yourself, it may disappear your will to study!!!

Thirdly, Don't take unnecessary break in your study. Keep your cell-phone turned off while you study. Even if you keep your cell-phone on, politely answer your calls and mention that you are studying.

Fourthly, Try to sit for studying in a scheduled time every day. Avoid scattered studying, you have to keep in mind that the total time of the day is bound within 24 hours. You have your own life, own schedule for playing, sleeping etc. So don't hamper those tasks, also give high priority to complete your task of studying.

Finally, Interest is the main vehicle for your concentration. So don't lose your interest on your field of study.........

I would love to welcome comments from you with newer techniques and suggestions.....

Thanks. Rifat
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