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Friends, time is precious!!! Once lost, can never be recovered.

We pass a lot of time roaming through the internet. Most of the times, in facebook !!! Sometimes it gives us a mental healing in getting connected with friends. But even in some moments, we feel bored to be on the internet. Have we ever thought of transforming our time into a real career making tool? It may sound weird to some of you what I am saying. But you can really transform your time into the milestone for your success of Career. But how? That's a million dollars question. I am talking from the view of general students. In Bangladesh, what we study, we get very little scope to practice what we have learned from the courses offered by our Universities. As a result, we start to forget many of the things studied. For example, I am an Engineering student, we have completed some technical courses like product designing, autocad, c-programming etc... For Business Students, they learn accounting,marketing,finance etc. We know what they are and how to work with them. This is our theoretical knowledge. Your knowledge will never gain 100% accuracy unless you get some practice to explore in the relevant fields of your study. We can discover our hidden talents if we get the scope to do that. For some couple of days, I had been searching over the net to find a place where I can practice what I know. And finally I have found a real place of exploring on the web, and that is Hire me on oDesk This is a real place of exploring what we know. When I signed up, the most exciting thing I discovered that they have sent me their International MasterCard just within 25 days to my address in Sylhet.

By this time, for my exams, I didn't do anything!!! When you do something for making $$$ in the internet from Bangladesh, the first problem you'll encounter: How will I receive the payment?? The answer for this question is the MasterCard. Even if we don't do anything, what makes a big deal if we just check it?

Wishing Everyone a Good Luck.
Thanks. Rifat Khan.

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